A Community of Ideas

Introducing OKDOTHIS, the photo app that brings idea sharing to your camera screen.

Everything begins with a DO.

We call ideas “DOs.” Create your own DO and share it. Or, try someone else’s DO and see what happens. Have an iPhone, a professional camera, or even a point-and-shoot? With OKDOTHIS, any photo you take can become an idea catalyst. And every idea can become an unlimited number of photos. Creative block? Good riddance.

Just the DO you’re looking for.

Every DO exists in a category - searchable, findable, and shareable. Having trouble thinking of a great photo to take at a wedding, a night out with friends, or a day at home with your kids? Search our virtually unlimited library of DOs and try the ones you want.

A community of dreamers & DOers.

You can follow others in the OKDOTHIS community whose DOs and photos inspire you. Link up with your friends from other social websites, or discover new friends you haven’t met yet. Learn from one another. Grow in your skills and creativity. With OKDOTHIS, there are no more walls between your imagination and those of others.

How do I DOTHIS?

Find a DO.

Use the Discover page and Search feature to find the perfect idea to run with.

Write a DO.

Have an idea that no one has DONE? Write a DO and share it to see how your followers interpret your idea.

DO it!

Once you’ve found a great idea, tap the DO THIS button to open the camera and shoot.

Share your work.

You can post the DOs you write and the photos you shoot to Facebook and Twitter, allowing friends to join in the creativity.

What are people saying?

A lot of apps are one way creative streets. I create something and send it to you, end of story. OKDOTHIS changes that, finally allowing a collaborative creative process that amplifies and multiplies every idea.

Jon Acuff

New York Times Bestselling author

I love the paradigm shift of OKDOTHIS. Our competitive industry has us under the illusion that protecting our ideas & methods is the way to success but OKDOTHIS says, what if we all did this together?

Austin Mann

Humanitarian Photographer, Founder of Weld.co

OKDOTHIS is truly an amazing App. So much so, that I believe it's going to become the next big thing. It is so well designed, so much fun, so useful, and just so darn clever that it could literally take the world by storm.

Scott Kelby

Best selling digital photography author